Sample Bike Month Resolution Text

City Council and Mayor _________ Proclaim May Bike Month in (Municipality).


Declaring May ______ as Bike Month

WHEREAS, the City of _________ encourages the increased use of the bicycle, which benefits all citizens of _________ by improving personal health, enhancing air quality, reducing traffic congestion and noise, decreasing the use of and dependence upon finite energy sources, and promoting economic vibrancy; and

WHEREAS, the City of ____________ recognizes the bicycle as a legitimate roadway vehicle and, therefore, is entitled to legal and responsible use of all public roadway facilities in Missouri except where prohibited by law; and

WHEREAS, the City of ____________recognizing the use of bicycles as a viable mode of transportation, endeavors to promote safe and responsible bicycling and is committed to incorporating the development of bicycle facilities into the development and revitalization of livable neighborhoods; and

WHEREAS, the League of American Bicyclists, Mid-America Regional Council, and BikeWalkKC have established May as National Bicycle Month; and

WHEREAS, MARC, BikeWalkKC, (ADD GROUPS HERE), the Mayor and the City Council encourage all citizens to ride their bicycles to work, to the store, to the park, around their neighborhoods and with friends and family to promote the personal and societal benefits achieved from bicycling


That the Mayor and Council hereby declare May _______, as “Bike Month” in the City of _______.